The Guerin Family History

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Welcome to, the website created to share the origins of our family with current and future generations...and to help us find "lost" relatives!

Our family dates back to early 17th century France, in the Puy De Dome region, primarily from Billom. Some time around 1830, Gilbert Ambroise Guerin, moved to Saint Dier d'Auvergne and married Marie Laroche. In 1861, three of his children (Jacques Philippe, Jean Baptiste and Eugenie Antoinette) traveled to the United States and settled in New Mexico. 
The goal of the Guerin History website is to create the most extensive and accurate database of the France-New Mexico Guerin family and to teach new generations about their family history. This website is not dedicated solely to the Guerin family, but also to the families linked to the Guerin's through marriage.

You can start your family history search by using the links on the left.


Most of the information found on this website is public record. However, I have spent hours, days, weeks, months, years compiling it. Genealogy is considering a work of literature and therefore, falls under the copyright laws of the United States. I have no issue with anyone using the information that I have already gathered, but please be sure to reference me and this website as the source of your information. Thank you!

How to Use This Site

The menu on the left lists all the ancestors of Jacques Philippe, and then lists Jacques Philippe's  and Eugenie Antoinette's descendants. Jacques Philippe is considered "Generation 0." The title of each page, as listed on the menu, reflects the father's last name, the mother's last name, and the generation; if you hover your mouse on the page title, two first names will appear. For example, "Guerin-Laroche Gen I" is the page of Guerin (Gilbert) and Laroche (Marie) and they are the first generation before Jacques Philippe (his parents). Another example: "Voissiere-Girard Gen IV" is the page of Voissiere (Claude) and Girard (Marie) and they are four generations before Jacques Philippe (his great-great-grandparents).

While researching our family lineage, I also ended up tracking the other relatives of the family, such as aunts, cousins, siblings, etc. Though it isn't necessary to keep such information, I love the idea of tracking hundreds of relatives over so many generations. With that being said, I have included most of it with this website.

  • At the end of each page, there is a link to visit the page of the parents of the person you are currently viewing. For example. If you have on Jacques Philippe's home page, the link at the bottom will be to visit the page of his parents, Gilbert Guerin & Marie Laroche. 
  • If you are viewing any page of Jacques Philippe's ancestors, you will see the following mark:  [+]. This signifies  that the name beside this mark is a direct ancestor of Jacques Philippe Guerin (parents or grandparents). 
  • If you see an underlined name, the name is hyperlinked. Click on the person's name and it will take you to that person's lineage.

Additional Information
  • For privacy concerns, family information on living members of the family will not be listed. If you find information about a living relative on the website, please contact me and I will remove it immediately. 
  • I strive for accuracy in my reports, but I am not perfect. If you see errors, please let me know and I will make the corrections accordingly. 
  • I will be glad to share information on where I got records if I can. I started this project in 2003 and didn’t realize the importance of recording source information in the beginning. 
  • You may notice several changes in names, even between a parent and their children. The reason for this is explained on the Spelling Variations page.

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